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 mage application

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PostSubject: mage application   Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:15 pm

Name (IRL):: Karlo
Location:: Croatia
Languages Spoken::Croatian,English

Toon Name (Main):Searing
Class: Mafe
Spec:: fire
Level: 70
Professions:: Tailoring,Enchanting

What alts do you have ?
lvl 70 paladin, Sudac
Do you confirm that you will not be switching spec (Healer/Tank) as this only inbalances the whole guild ?
Ye i promise, since i can only be dps
What other guild have you been in ? And what are your reasons for leaving ?
I was in Bane 6 moths ago, i left it becouse i took a break from playing wow, and now i am back so whana to raid again
Ventrilo is a requirement on raids. Are you able to use this ? Talking is only required for raid leaders / Listening is required for Raiders.
Yes i do have a ventrilo, i have a mic to, but i mostly listen, i talk only if i am askd to or if it is needed
Do you have the following add-ons ?
Omen yes
CTRA (or equivalent) yes
Deadly Boss Mods yes
Bigwigs yes
X-Perl (healers only) -
Pally Power (Paladins only) -

What raid experience do you have ?
Kara,ZA, and ssc till vashy, and 2 bosses in TK
What preparation would you bring to raids ? (pots etc)
Flask, oil and befitial food
Why do you want to join Wraith ?
I mostly whana meet new people, and conquer new bosses
Why should Wraith accept you as a member ?
Becouse i am dedicated player and always ready to help, and have a good knowlege of my class
Our guild guidlines can be found on the homepage
Have you read the guide lines on the Wraith Ranking System, Loot Distribution, Etiquette & Behavior, General Guild Guidelines, Guild Struture and Guild Bank and furthermore you understand them ?

Do you have any questions for us ? Nope
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PostSubject: Re: mage application   Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:32 pm

Hey! an Croatian Very Happy Jedi Govna ftw!! Razz
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Guild Leader

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PostSubject: Re: mage application   Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:52 pm

your more then welcome to join,

tho why choose us? you were in bane, wich is a pure raid guild only.
2nd i hope we can live up to your expectations.


If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them
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PostSubject: Re: mage application   

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mage application
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