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 joining wraith

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PostSubject: joining wraith   Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:28 pm

Name (IRL): Jesper Josefsson
Age: 16
Location: sweden
Languages Spoken: swedish/english

Toon Name (Main): Spliser
Class: Mage
Spec: Arcane/fire atm (will respecc very soon 2 real raid specc)
Level: 70
Professions: Ench(low skilled)/ Tailor (almost maxed)

I have been in the guild called nagastolemybike, but i lefted couse they was slacking hard.... they went 4 kara at 8pm and we had downed cruator at 01.00. For me it seems 2 take 2 long 2 just down cruator on that time... on that time i think more like prince almost done if you skip neatherspite and NB. thats the reason i lefted that guild.

My raid experiance goes up 2 kara/gruul/maggy/ZA i have downed all bosses in all those raids (but not on this char, was on my main that i dont play on enymore). even if i havet done TK/SSC/MT i will learn fast and will listen and tell raid leader if i got questons.

When raid is coming up and i shall just get there i go 2 AH and buy pots 4 spell dmg and mana reg and mana pots and so on... will get what i need 4 a raid if we shall say so.

i want 2 join this guild couse of i wanna go 2 harder raids when i got better gear and i hope i wil have good gear enought 4 ZA really soon. think maybe i can go it now. Can be fun 2 learn the harder raids and i wanna do it with a good guild that knows what they are doing.

i think you guys will accept me as a member couse i wanna have fun when i plays WoW not borther other players with trubble and im kind 2 ppl and helps out if i can.
maybe some1 need a portal then will i just say shall just finish this quest or Im omw 2 ya now Very Happy

Here is all you wanted 2 know about me... I hope this will be enought, If you wanna know something more just /w me in game and ask me. Cya around m8s Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: joining wraith   Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:04 pm

As Discussed with Gruknor in game, we will be declining ur application.


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joining wraith
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