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 Been told you might be the guild for me.

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PostSubject: Been told you might be the guild for me.   Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:37 pm

About Me.

Name: Andy Salmon
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Country: UK - Bournemouth

Fluency in English (1-10) : 10 - but i am Cornish.

Your Character

Name: Roobarb
Class: Warrior
Sex: Male
Race: Undead
Talent Spec: Prot
Played time: 64 days.
Link to Armory:
Tell us about your experience in your class: Not an awful lot, have tanked Kara, but mainly grinds.
What alts or experience do you have with other classes?: i have a lvl 9 mage, just for mssing around with really.
Do you intend to change spec?: Not unless you can improve me.
Please name any current professions and skill level(also including cooking,fishing and first aid): First aid 375, JC 375, BS 375, Swordmaster.

WoW & Raiding Information

How long have you been playing World Of Warcraft?: 6 months-ish
What do like/dislike about World Of Warcraft?: Love most of it to be honest, made a fair few friends on here. Grew up with a lot of the classic RPG games, diablo of course, Bards Tale, ok, showing my age there, so a bit of a RPG fan. Dislike some of the superior attitudes of some of the more exprienced players screaming your rubbish for moving 1 pixel to far, and has put me off pugging some instances.
What Attunments & Heroic keys do you have?: most i think.
If needed do you own any resistance/offspec gear?: I have DPS/grinding kit (which you may see if you run me through IMBA, but its all gemmed and enchaned for tank. I was a JC/Miner, which i used to fund all my gems and enchants
How do you prepare for a raid?: I bring what ever the guild recommend to bring, usually stam foods, exilirs, bandages.
Which addons do you use?: at the momment, omen and big boss, but happy to install anything required to raid.
Tell us about your raiding experience(include any Pre & Post BC): I'm a fairly green player really, so its mainly Kara, and some attempts at pugging ZA, usually failed prety quickly.
Are you able to speak/listen on Ventrilio when required?: I can listen, but i do plan on the headset soon.
What days & times are you available to raid?: I'm around most of the day online, so more than happy to work with the guild to clear any quests/instances during the day. (This is why my time played, to time on WoW is so high)
Do you have any internet or connection issues?: I use Virgin Media, so just the usual problems of them, so touch wood, pretty good.

About Wraith

Why do you want to join Wraith? Well, a friend recommended a few guild names to me for good advancement and support. Looking at the names given to me, Wraith seemed the best. Also Tozgal was nice enough to party me, and lead me to the last Netherwing egg i needed for exalted and the mount.
What do you expect from Wraith? Bit of support, few laughs, and hopefully for all members a lot of progress.
What can you offer Wraith? Few laughs, support, and a player that will make every effort to be online as and when raids are planned (I have a wife, shes the only person to outrank WoW). Support to the guild when raids aren't going on to clear any quests they have, instances etc.
Name your previous guild/s and a brief explanation of why you left: Main last guild was Dragon Legion, reason for leaving was mainly due to a few key people leaving, and lack of numbers for raids, and even trying to get heroic instances done.
Have you read & understood all Wraith's rules & requirements?: Yes
Do you take into consideration that we are an occaisonally raiding guild & are still progressing?: Suits me, i dont want to join a guild that has everything on farm, i also want to learn with the guild.
Do you have any additional information you would like to add?: I'm not the most exprienced player in the world, but i give all, and if i need to grind to increase/improve something i do. I do suffer from depression, which again is why i have so much spare time for WoW.
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PostSubject: Re: Been told you might be the guild for me.   Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:30 pm

You seem like a really nice guy but your lacking alot in the experience we are looking for, we are currently working on level of ssc/tk and tanks are important in these raids, it would take too much of our time to gear you up and help you learn the ways in what to do which will only hold us back. However its not only my opinion that counts.
But sadly im gonna decline this, many apoligies and gl.

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Been told you might be the guild for me.
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